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Develop the SELF-CONFIDENCE and RESILIENCE to bounce back from adversity

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To overcome career and life challenges, you need to manage stress and build self-confidence

You are missing out on so much life has to offer by letting stress and self doubt control your actions.

Everyone, including experienced leaders in the upper ranks of organisations, have moments — or days, months, or years — when they are unsure of their ability to tackle the challenges that face them.

No one is immune to insecurity but you don’t have to let it hold you back from taking control to create a happy life and rewarding career.

This course helps you to build the confidence and resilience required to handle any situation in order to bounce back from adversity.


✔︎  Identify your stress triggers and learn how to manage them

✔︎  Manage your cumulative stress by completing your Stress and Life Events Survey

✔︎  Identify your physical, mental and behavioural signs & symptoms of cumulative stress

✔︎  Learn (and practice) the 5 key strategies to relieve stress, build confidence and resilience

✔︎  Start each day positively with 2 Mindfulness Meditations and Morning Affirmations 

✔︎  PLUS you will receive a special BONUS: Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life Meditation

✔︎  Gain access to my private Get Stuff Done Accountability Group on Facebook for on-going accountability support

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TCA How to Manage Stress Card 2021


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