Attention Job Seekers! Does Your Resumé Let You Down?

Are you fed up with attaching your resumé and cover letter to an online application, clicking 'Apply' and not getting a response? 

Easily learn how to create a resumé and cover letter that generates positive results and helps you to get that job!



How to Write a Resumé Online Course

Why you must take this course:


🙁  You've been making job application after job application online without success


🙁  You are confused about the best format for YOUR resumé in today's competitive job market


🙁  You don't know what recruiters or hiring managers are looking for in a resumé


🙁  You don't know how to write accomplishment statements to make your resumé stand out from the competition


😀  You want an EASY step-by-step guide to do it RIGHT!

What my clients say_

Create a resumé that does the job!

'Make your resumé relevant to the reader and it will generate positive results'

Take Action Now!

Stop simply clicking 'apply' and hoping for the best. 

This course will guide you every step of the way to create a resumé and cover letters that will impress recruiters and hiring managers so they pick up the phone and call you for an interview.

What you will learn:

✔︎   What the Applicant Tracking System is all about and how to get screened in

✔︎   What you must put in your resumé and what you must avoid at all costs

✔︎   The essential sections of a resumé and additional valuable sections to attract attention

✔︎   How to create tangible accomplishment statements to show you are a valuable professional

✔︎   How to write a compelling professional profile that makes them go 'Wow!'

✔︎   The difference between resumé formats and how to choose the best format for you

✔︎   How to write the perfect cover letter

✔︎   How to make your referees work for you

What you'll get:

✔︎  Lifetime access to all modules and lessons

✔︎  7 training videos and 11 lessons, exercise templates, resumé and cover letter templates

✔︎  The key strategies to crafting a powerful resumé that suits your situation

✔︎  Examples of professional profiles for inspiration

✔︎  Step-by-step guide to creating accomplishment statements to impress the reader

✔︎  Detailed instructions on what goes in your cover letter, and what stays OUT

✔︎  How to choose the right referees who will 'seal the deal' for you during reference checks

✔︎  BONUS: Resumé Basics podcast episode

✔︎  BONUS: Access to my COMMUNITY FORUM for on-going support

"I'll guide you step-by-step to create a powerful resumé and cover letter that gets you noticed for the right reasons"


Lifetime access to 7 Modules and 11 Lessons, 3 resumé templates, comprehensive cover letter template, all training videos


Special audio podcast on Resumé Basics and access to my Community Forum for on-going support and advice


Jane Jackson, career transition coach, author of Navigating Career Crossroads, host of Your Career Podcast


Power Up Your Resumé!

Don't allow your resumé to let you down when making job applications - start today and make your resumé stand out from the crowd!



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    “Jane made, what seemed like an insurmountable task, manageable and exciting. Her warm, thoughtful, motivational, confidence building coaching style was exactly what I needed”

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    “Your ability to make things so clear made the training easy to follow.”

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  • The Careers Academy

    “I have just had the pleasure of being career coached by Jane. Jane has a genuine passion to helps others in reaching there full potential and career goals! The sessions I had with Jane have renewed my confidence in what I do and guided me to find a clear direction of my future career goals! Could not recommend Jane highly enough!”

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Jane Jackson, career coach, confidence, coaching

 Navigating Career Crossroads #1.jpgJane Jackson is a Career Transition and Empowerment Coach and author of #1 Amazon Bestseller, Navigating Career Crossroads, and host of Your Career Podcast on iTunes 

Jane has coached over 3,000 professionals to find and follow their true passion and direction in the careers. She has helped her clients to create resumés that generate positive results and opportunities for job interviews.

With a solid background providing support to job seekers and career changers, Jane possesses over 18 years' of global coaching experience in Career Transition Coaching across Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore and Europe.

Working with professionals from graduates to senior executives, she helps her clients to gain confidence and clarity required to take control of their life and career. 

What they say:

"Jane Jackson’s experience is clearly evident as she deftly provides advice and support. Jane quickly develops an excellent working relationship that provides clarity and direction that leads to a plan of action. She is an accomplished guide and mentor and her energy and enthusiasm provide the motivation required to support her clients in their endeavours. Her wealth of knowledge in all areas makes her a highly effective resource. She is invaluable in the process of seeking new employment. " Glen Lyndon, Director Service Delivery

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