Be 100% Confident in Yourself! Don't Let Fear and Stress Hold You Back from Creating the Career and Life You Deserve.

Learn how to believe in yourself, feel good about who you are, and achieve what you deserve in your life and career


Does fear hold you back from enjoying your life and career?


 Do you doubt yourself?

Do you stay awake worrying about personal relationships?

Do you worry about things at work?

Do you lack the confidence to change your situation?

Does thinking about it make you feel anxious?

You don't have to feel this way, because help is at hand.

I’ve coached thousands of career professionals over the past 18 years to gain clarity and build the confidence to take control of their careers. I've condensed those years of experience into a powerful Confidence Building course that can be yours today!




Easy, self-paced learning with everything you need to manage stress, plus the mindfulness techniques and tools that help you to develop the resilience to overcome challenges.

Imagine how it wonderful it will be to feel relaxed, confident, and in control of the way you react to events for a happy life and career!

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You CAN Develop Confidence and Resilience for a Happy Life

"Each time we face our fear, we gain strength,

courage and confidence in the doing"

Theodore Roosevelt

Is there something holding you back from achieving what you want in your life or in your career? 

To overcome any challenges you need to remove self-limiting beliefs (you know the ones - they sit on your shoulder and whisper in your ear, planting negative thoughts in your mind ...

 It's important to develop confidence and resilience despite obstacles that may get in your way.

Everyone, including experienced leaders in the top ranks of organizations, have moments — or days, months, or even years — when they feel unsure of their ability to tackle the challenges that face them.

No one is immune to feeling anxious at times, but you don’t have to let it hold you back from creating a happy and rewarding life and career.

I’ve created this online confidence course to help you build the confidence and resilience required to take control of any situation so you can bounce back from adversity.

Gain the CONFIDENCE and CLARITY to create the life you deserve.

 What you'll learn

✔︎  Identify your stress triggers and learn how to manage them

✔︎  Manage your cumulative stress by completing your Stress and Life Events Survey

✔︎  Identify your physical, mental and behavioural signs & symptoms of cumulative stress

✔︎  Learn (and practice) the 5 key strategies to relieve stress, build confidence and resilience

✔︎  Start each day positively with 2 Mindfulness Meditations and Morning Affirmations 

✔︎  PLUS you will receive a special BONUSPositive Affirmations to Change Your Life Meditation

✔︎  Gain access to my Kickstart Your Career Support Group for on-going support


What's included in this course

✔︎  Lifetime access to all modules, videos, audio recordings, exercises and templates

✔︎  The 5 Key Strategies to Stop Stress and build Confidence & Resilience

✔︎  Stress triggers identification

✔︎  How to change your relationship with change to embrace it!

✔︎  The Stress and Life Events Survey to analyse your cumulative stress level

✔︎  2 Mindfulness Meditations (Audio) for relaxation

✔︎  Morning Affirmations (PDF) to start each day with a smile

✔︎  BONUS - Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life Meditation


Grow your confidence to handle life's challenges

Take control of your situation and create the life and career you deserve


Lifetime access: 5 Modules, 12 Lessons, Stress & Life Events Survey, 2 Mindfulness Meditations, Powerful Morning Affirmations.


Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life Meditation - a soothing and empowering meditation to put you in touch with your inner strength


Jane Jackson, career transition & empowerment coach, author of Navigating Career Crossroads, host of Your Career Podcast



Sign up and start to take control of your life today!




Jane Jackson, career coach, confidence, coaching

 Navigating Career Crossroads #1.jpgJane Jackson is a Career Transition and Empowerment Coach

She is the author of #1 Amazon Bestseller, Navigating Career Crossroads, and host of Your Career Podcast on iTunes 

We all experience challenges in our lives and Jane, too, has experienced significant changes in her life. These include several career changes, divorce, financial and health concerns, 5 country moves, and yet has reinvented her life successfully while maintaining an incredibly positive outlook on life despite the challenges.

With a solid background providing support to people in transition, Jane possesses over 18 years' of global coaching experience in Leadership and Career Transition Coaching across Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore and Europe.

Working with professionals from graduates to senior executives, she helps her clients to gain confidence and clarity required to take control of their life and career.  Jane is the proud mother of two compassionate, caring, and career-driven daughters and is aware of the importance of balance and harmony for a truly happy life.

What they say:

"Jane coached a group of us yesterday and mesmerised me with her ability to engage and inspire with her words, knowledge and experience. 

Jane's ability to support people who are at different stages of grief and lift people's confidence who are still struggling with their emotions was strongly evident. 

If you are looking for a career coach, I strongly recommend Jane Jackson." Anthony Rogers, National Business Manger and Regional Operations


  • “Jane made, what seemed like an insurmountable task, manageable and exciting. Her warm, thoughtful, motivational, confidence building coaching style was exactly what I needed”

  • “Your ability to make things so clear made the training easy to follow.”

  • “Jane is always upbeat, friendly and helpful with an endless supply of clever tips and tricks, from building your brand to networking”

  • “I have just had the pleasure of being career coached by Jane. Jane has a genuine passion to helps others in reaching there full potential and career goals! The sessions I had with Jane have renewed my confidence in what I do and guided me to find a clear direction of my future career goals! Could not recommend Jane highly enough!”

    HR Business Partner

  • “What a pleasure it is to recommend Jane to anyone looking for a change in career direction, some guidance after a redundancy or just some advice on presenting your best self in any business setting. Jane's relaxed manner, and engaging style motivates people to embrace change in their lives as a positive opportunity not something to fear.”

    Partner | ABM Risk Partnership

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