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I'll support you to create the career you'll love.

As a member of The Careers Academy you will be supported to:

  • Gain career clarity and confidence about your next career direction
  • Identify your true Career Anchor
  • Create a resumé/CV & cover letter that gets past the ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
  • Build a powerful LinkedIn profile to attract job opportunities and manage your career
  • Create a powerful personal brand to attract opportunities
  • Learn how to network like a pro
  • Leverage all the most effective job search strategies
  • Prepare thoroughly to ace your job interviews
  • Learn how to adapt your communication style for more effective communication
  • Develop your self-leadership skills for career success

Yes, you CAN reinvent your career even during the tough times.

Don't struggle on your own, I'll help you to gain the confidence to create a career you'll love!

“I am starting my new job next week and it is thanks to Jane and The Careers Academy that my resumé and LinkedIn page were in perfect order that got me over the line.”

Phil - author of 'The Meat Mate'

“When it comes to LinkedIn Jane knows it all, every bell and whistle. If you need someone to awaken your dormant dreams on how to reach for the stars, you have found the right person!”

Sasha - Senior Lecturer

“I needed a career pivot and gained incredibly useful advice on how to do it. I am now on the right road towards a more satisfying career and professional life and could not have done it without Jane.”

Timi - Chief Marketing Officer


✔️   Immediate access to my professional How To Write a Resumé online program (RRP USD97)

✔️   Immediate access to LinkedIn for Career Success online program (RRP USD97)

✔️   A 30-minute one-on-one coaching session to get you on the right track (RRP USD200)

✔️   Job search support resources when you need them 

✔️   Monthly Group Coaching Calls every 2nd Monday

✔️   Webinars to prepare you for a successful career transition

✔️   Networking support in your private accountability group.

✔️   New career coaching content added every month

✔️   50% off online career management programs  

✔️   20% off 60-minute one-on-one career coaching sessions

Over USD600 of value included with your monthly membership of only USD75/month.

Opt for annual membership to get 2 months free!

Membership is for a minimum of 3 months. You need time to access all the valuable support within The Careers Academy and time to TAKE ACTION!

With professional support and by taking action, you will gain career clarity, confidence, and all the tools you'll need to secure a job you'll love.

Choose Annual Membership, to receive 2 months FREE - this is an excellent way to stay on track to reach your career goals at a great price!  

Create your dream career today!

* Minimum commitment is 3 months membership to ensure you TAKE ACTION and get positive results! After that you can choose to continue to enjoy professional support or independently progress in your career.  If you opt for the annual membership the benefit is that you receive 2 months support FREE! *

  • Jane Jackson Careers

    “I was coached by Jane when I returned back to Sydney after 7 years overseas and wanted to change direction in my career. From the very first session, Jane made, what seemed like an insurmountable task, manageable and exciting. Her warm, thoughtful, motivational, confidence building coaching style was exactly what I needed to make a successful career change.”

    Talent Acquisition Leader, David Jones

  • Jane Jackson Careers

    “Jane exudes genuine warmth, positivity and passion for helping others. In a time of transition, Jane helped me to more deeply understand my career anchors and values, and make a critical decision about the next phase of my career.”

    Sustainability Speaker, Start-Up Founder

  • Jane Jackson Careers

    “I've had the privilege of attending a number of great workshops put on by General Assembly, RogenSi, Digital Brief and Sales ITV. All of these were lead by great facilitators but Jane Jackson's Career workshop, for me surpassed all of these. Jane was evidently passionate, invested and motivating throughout the day. I cannot recommend Jane highly enough.”

    Senior Digital Specialist

  • Jane Jackson Careers

    “I had the good fortune to access Jane’s on-line Career Program.

    What an incredibly positive and practical experience this was! The reassurance of Jane’s voice guiding me through the process was as if she was sitting next to me, the format was concise yet comprehensive.
    Jane shines through in her self-paced on-line program, which is so affordable!”

    Operations Executive

  • Jane Jackson Careers

    “Jane provides the most professional and insightful career advice that allows you to clarify your working goals and take meaningful and purposeful steps to achieve them.”

    Research Specialist

  • Jane Jackson Careers

    “Jane has expertly guided me back to my career. Jane very practically cut to the heart of the issues, and guided me through using the tools and resources to have the career I dreamt of.”

    Learning & Development Manager

  • Jane Jackson Careers

    “At a time when I didn't know what do next in my career Jane helped me reassess my career and life values, and helped me to explore different avenues for my future career path.”


  • Jane Jackson Careers

    “Jane's relaxed manner, and engaging style motivates people to embrace change in their lives as a positive opportunity not something to fear.”

    CEO Proximity Risk & Assurance

  • Jane Jackson Careers

    “I thought Jane was brilliant, and I really enjoyed the real life examples she used when explaining different topics. I learn best through story-telling, so her approach worked well with me, and it was evident that she really is a subject matter expert!”

    Change & Retention Manager

  • Jane Jackson Careers

    “Jane’s an amazing webinar presenter. She’s warm, engaging, focused and really cares about the development of all the people on the call.”

    Principal, Nicholson Innovation