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Are you looking for support to change jobs or grow in your current role? 

The Careers Academy offers programs, guidance and accountability at every stage of your professional development, and is designed to empower and educate you to thrive in the career of your dreams.  

Get everything you need to create a successful career that will make you feel happy and appreciated with these resources and support

  • You want to land a job that you’ll love and create the life that you deserve
  • You want to make a career change but don't know how to get clear on what you really want
  • You're going through a redundancy and worried you may be too old to make a successful career change
  • You've spent countless hours worrying about your job, and you're sick of the frustration of feeling unappreciated
  • You want to build your personal brand to progress in your career
  • You want support to become a better leader 


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How to Write a Resumé online program

*  Monthly group coaching

*  1x 30 min 1-on-1 coaching

*  Job search training videos

*️  Job search guides/resources

*  Accountability group support


* 30% off  all products

* 20% off 60-min 1-on-1 coaching




2 months free

Resumé, LinkedIn and Personal Branding online programs

*  Group career coaching

4x 30 min 1-on-1 coaching

*  Job search & Career development training videos & resources

*  Accountability group support


* 50% off all products

* 50% off 60-min 1-on-1 coaching




LinkedIn for Success online program

*  Monthly group coaching

*  1x 30 min 1-on-1 coaching

*  Career development training videos

*  Career development guides/resources

*  Accountability group support


* 30% off all products

* 20% off 60-min 1-on-1 coaching

What do people say about our support and courses?


    “I had the good fortune to access Jane's online Career Program. What an incredibly positive and practical experience this was! The reassurance of Jane's voice guiding me through the process was as if she was sitting next to me, the format was concise yet comprehensive. Jane shines through in her self-paced online program, which is so affordable!”

    Corporate Transformation SME


    “I am starting my new job next week and it is thanks to Jane and The Careers Academy that my resumé and LinkedIn page were in perfect order that got me over the line.”

    Author, The Meat Mate


    “I was coached by Jane when I returned back to Sydney after 7 years overseas and wanted to change direction in my career. Her warm, thoughtful, motivational, confidence building coaching style was exactly what I needed to make a successful career change.”

    Talent Acquisition Leader


    “I needed a career pivot and gained incredibly useful advice on how to do it. I am not on the right road towards a more satisfying and professional life and could not have done it without Jane.”

    Head of Marketing

  • Jane Jackson Careers

    “Jane's relaxed manner and engaging style motives people to embrace change in their lives as a positive opportunity, not something to fear.”

    CEO, Proximity Risk & Assurance


    “When it comes to LinkedIn Jane knows it all, every bell and whistle. If you need someone to awaken your dormant dreams on how to reach for the stars, you have found the right person!”

    Senior Lecturer - Engineering


    “Jane exudes genuine warmth, positivity and passion for helping others. In a time of transition, Jane helped me to more deeply understand my career anchors and values, and make a critical decision about the next phase of my career.”

    Sustainability Speaker, Start-Up Founder


    “I've had the privilege of attending a number of great workshops put on by General Assembly, RogenSi, Digital Brief and Sales ITV. All of these were lead by great facilitators but Jane Jackson's Career Workshop, for me surpassed all of these. Jane was evidently passionate, invested and motivating throughout the day. I cannot recommend Jane highly enough.”

    Senior Digital Specialist

  • Jane Jackson Careers

    “Jane provides the most professional and insightful career advice that allows you to clarity your working goals and take meaningful and purposeful steps to achieve them.”

    Manager, National Industry Sector Committee


    “Jane has expertly guided me back to my career. Jane very practically cut to the heart of the issues, and guided me through using the tools and resources to have the career I dreamt of.”

    Group Manager, Capability Development


    “At a time when I didn't know what to do next in my career, Jane helped me reassess my career and life values, and helped me to explore different avenues for my future career path.”


Frequently Asked Questions

If I choose the CAREER TRANSITION or CAREER GROWTH program, how long do I have to stay?

Membership is for a minimum of three months so you have enough time to enjoy all the programs and valuable support included in your program. After 3 months, you can choose to continue month by month, as required, or cancel any time. 

How does billing work?

You will be billed once a month for the 3 months from the date you join.  Your credit card details are 100% secure and processing is done via Stripe. After 3 months, if you decide not to renew your membership month by month, just choose ‘cancel membership’ and you will not be charged.

If you opt for the RULE THE WORLD LIFETIME ACCESS, you will only be charged ONCE and you can relax and enjoy everything The Careers Academy has on offer!

Besides the online programs and resources, what else do I get?

Depending on whether you choose CAREER TRANSITION or CAREER GROWTH, you will get instant access to the How to Create a Powerful Resumé or the LinkedIn for Career Success online program.

You'll also receive a one-one-one 30-minute coaching session with Jane to kickstart your progress and discuss your career and identify your goals. Coaching calls are held via Zoom.

Every month attend the ‘live’ monthly Group Coaching Webinars via Zoom for career coaching, accountability to stay on track to reach your goals, and to expand your professional network.

Watch over 25 group coaching videos on career transition, job search strategies, career development, and leadership skills. Members ask their career questions and get them answered in each video. From resumes & cover letters, to how to create a powerful LinkedIn profile, how to manage difficult situations at work ,or secure a job promotion, the information is available on-demand.

What else do I get access to?

Career support on-demand is available to you via podcasts, articles, blog posts and video.  Topics you can search for include:


Confidence Building/Career Clarity

How to assess what makes you tick

Resume writing and cover letters

Personal branding and LinkedIn

Effective communication strategies

Understanding your leadership style

Job search strategies, online applications, the Applicant Tracking System

Working with recruiters

How to expand your professional network

How to prepare for job interviews

Negotiating for a pay rise

Wow, that’s a lot of support! What do I get if I opt for RULE THE WORLD LIFETIME ACCESS?

In addition to all you’ve just read, you will have 4x 30-min coaching sessions with Jane included PLUS get instant access to ALL the valuable online programs, ALL the career eBooks and also the Career Clarity Pack and Career Communications Pack filled with exercises and templates.

These will help you to fully understand who you are as a professional, and how to manage your career.  You also get a whopping 50% off 60-min career coaching sessions with Jane forever!

How do I book my one-on-one session/s with Jane?

As a CAREER TRANSITION or CAREER GROWTH member, one 30-min coaching session is included. As a RULE THE WORLD member, four 30-min coaching sessions are included.

Log in to The Careers Academy membership portal and on the home page you will see instructions on how to book your one-on-one 30-min coaching call.

How do I book the group coaching webinars?

When you log in to The Careers Academy you find the link to register for the group coaching sessions in the Forum. This link is updated every month.

How do I get my online programs discounts and discounts off 60-min coaching calls with Jane?

You will be given a coupon code in The Careers Academy membership portal to redeem your discounts on all online programs and career resources.

You will also get a special Coupon Code to book 60-min ‘deep-dive’ career coaching sessions on your specific concerns with Jane.  You can use this Coupon Code as many times as you wish.

What happens if I stop my membership?

We will be sad to see you go, and access to all the resources in The Careers Academy will cease.  However, you can re-join at any time. 

If you would like to have LIFETIME access to all the resources and on-going coaching support, choose the RULE THE WORLD LIFETIME ACCESS option for incredible value for a one-off payment.  There is much comfort in knowing you have career coaching support anytime at your fingertips.


Didn’t find an answer to your question? Email us and we will respond asap!

"I am starting my new job next week and it is thanks to Jane and The Careers Academy that my resume and LinkedIn page were in perfect order that got me over the line" 

- Phil Strasser, author The Meat Mate


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Hi, I'm Jane Jackson, founder of The Careers Academy, LinkedIn Top Voice 2020 and author of Navigating Career Crossroads (#1 Amazon bestseller & finalist in The Australian Career Book Awards 2021).

With over 20 years of career coaching experience and a proven track record of helping over 8,000 clients achieve great results, my MISSION is to make careers guidance and support affordable to all who need it.  

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