Perhaps you've just been notified that your role will be made redundant, or you have just been let go, or you're starting to panic because you feel that you MUST get a job right away. You're running around doing everything at once and feeling confused about what you are supposed to do and in what order.

Maybe you are telling everyone you meet you're looking for a job, applying for as many jobs as you can find online, feeling worried about money so you think you should just 'take anything' that comes up, feeling so worried that your confidence level has plummeted and you're not expressing yourself clearly any more.

If this is you, then it is important to STOP and take stock of your current situation. It is impossible to effectively conduct a job search is you are stressed and feeling panic.  

Follow these tips to manage stress and develop resilience and conduct a more effective job search >



You started your job search with enthusiasm and expected it to take a few weeks ... but the weeks are now turning into months and the months are going by fast even though you are applying for jobs on every job board you can find, reaching out to recruiters, meeting with them and it seems like you are going around in circles.

You are tired of writing dozens and dozens of cover letters and sending hundreds of applications for roles that you may not even like the sound of any more. 

Nothing you are doing seems to work, you're tired and feel like giving up.  What can you do?

If your job search has stalled here are top tips to get back on track today! 


You apply for jobs and don't hear back. You eventually land an interview, spend hours preparing for it and at the last minute the recruiter cancels the interview. 

Or you make it to the interview, do your very best and then the recruiter ghosts you.  You follow up and follow up after the interview with emails and phone calls and don't receive any response.  

When you do get through you're told you didn't get the job but are offered no feedback at all.

You're still upset about the treatment you received in your old job and how the redundancy was handled or how you were let go. You see red when you think about your previous manager - and you think, "How do people like that get to positions of authority?"

If you are harbouring anger, disappointment or frustration you will not be able to assess your current situation objectively. Often the anger can mask an element of fear.  The fear of the unknown. The best way to handle your feelings is to reach out and talk to someone you trust.  Find someone who can be objective, supportive and practical at the same time.

To face your fears you must figure out what you are REALLY afraid of and then take steps to manage the emotional roller coaster of redundancy or career change.




You're worried that your age is a barrier to landing the role you want. You're not sure if your skills are up to date and what you need to focus on to market yourself into your next job. 

It may have been a long time since you've looked for a job and you're not sure of the latest recruitment trends, how to prepare for the job search process, the best way to make applications or to reach out to people. You don't know how to prepare for job interviews virtually or in person.  

Most of all you may be lacking in self-belief, confused about the skills you have that are relevant in today's market, and what you really want next.

For reassurance read Top 10 Tips to Overcome Ageism When Looking for a Job >


You feel comfortable about exploring a new direction. You're not quite sure what you want, however you are up to the challenge and are willing to get help to clarify exactly what makes you happy in your career and identify new options.

With this open attitude the world is your oyster! What is important is to identify your uniqueness and WHY you are a valuable candidate for the roles you will go for.  

The next step will be to create a powerful verbal pitch when you are networking and gathering valuable information about different roles, to ensure your resumé is the strongest possible marketing document and that your LinkedIn profile is 'All Star' and effectively projects you in the right direction.

Personal Branding will be an important part of your job search strategy.  Register for this [free] masterclass on the 3 Secrets to Personal Branding for Career Success and attract the opportunities you desire!


You are already well on your way!  You know that you're good at what you do, you know what you want and you are willing to get support to create the best job search campaign to attract your next employer.

You are aware of your skills and knowledge and may need a little help to fine-tune your messaging, resumé, cover letters and LinkedIn profile.  

You enjoy expanding your professional network and with a little practice you'll perfect your pitch when working with recruiters or networking with others to gain referrals into your target organisations.

What you know you need is not only job search support, but what to do to ace your job interviews and on-board into a new role effectively.  Once you're in, you'd love support to grow your career, develop your leadership skills and continue to develop in your career.

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