Your Questions Answered

The content in the Career Success Program will help you to get clear on your career direction and understand the step-by-step process to make a successful career transition. 

It will also help you in many other aspects of your career.

I've helped people at all stages of their career over the past 20+ years including:

  • Professionals who have experienced a redundancy and need to rebuild their confidence to enter the job market again
  • Employees who feel stuck in their careers and want to make a career change
  • Job seekers who need to understand the job search process
  • Mature professionals who are concerned that their age may be a barrier to their career success
  • Leaders who want to find job satisfaction and meaning in their careers
  • Individuals who want career confidence, job search support, a new resume, cover letter, a LinkedIn profile to attract hiring managers, personal branding, job interview training and job satisfaction.
  • People who need accountability support to stay on the right track in their careers.

Complete the purchase order form for the Career Success Program and you will get immediate access to ALL program content. There is no wait time.

There is a LOT of valuable training at your fingertips so membership is for a minimum of 3 months to give you enough time to get through all the training and create lasting positive change in your career. 

Your Options:

Choose to go month-by-month at A$125/month or save A$500 by opting for annual membership for only A$995 and get 4 MONTHS FREE!   (All prices are inclusive of GST - no GST is charged if you reside outside of Australia). 

When your subscription is up you can choose to simply cancel your membership or stay on for on-going career coaching support during our regular 'live' group coaching calls.

That's what our OFFICE HOURS group coaching calls are for!  A good program has live elements so you can participate and talk to your coach.

Join us 'LIVE' twice a month via Zoom for career transition/career management training. Time will be allocated for you to ask your career questions, or get a resumé or LinkedIn profile review.

Group coaching calls are held TWICE A MONTH to help you stay on track to reach your goals.

The coaching calls are held every 2 weeks so if you miss one just join us next time!  Join us whenever you have a question or want accountability support.  During the Office Hours sessions you will get your career questions answered, or you can request for a resumé review, LinkedIn training or whatever you need. 

When you purchase the Career Success Program, your welcome email will contain your log-on details, a navigation guide, and how to register for our fortnightly Group Coaching Office Hours included in the program.

If you want additional one-on-one coaching with Jane, as a VIP member you are entitled to a special price of 30% off each 1-on-1 coaching session. (This discount means you will save A$170 each time you book a 60-minute session!) 

Save The Careers Academy Career Success Program  emails in a dedicated folder for easy reference.


You will also get instructions on how to access your online courses in our App even when you're offline.

When you join the Career Success Program you get immediate access to ALL our career management and job search content. Get stuck in right away! 

New content is added regularly so if there is a course you want to complete, look out for it. You will be able to see what is coming up shortly as the course will have the 'Coming Soon' banner in the list of courses.  Click here to see what's available right now as part of your membership (there's so much value here, you'll be delighted!)

Yes. Membership of the Career Success Program entitles you to access to all new courses and content as soon as they are added to the course catalogue. 

If you opt for month-by-month membership, you simply cancel your membership at any time after 3 months via your program dashboard -  no questions asked.  Click on 'My Account' in your dashboard > 'Subscriptions' > 'Cancel'. 

If you opt to get 4 months free with our ANNUAL membership, simply cancel your membership after 12 months (you will receive a reminder so you don't forget!)

You can purchase my online courses, coaching programs and special packages individually. However as a member of the Career Success Program it is much more affordable! 

Depending on the course you wish to take, each individual course costs between A$129 to A$499.

Go to SHOP and choose the course you need.

If you purchase a course individually, you will have lifetime access to that course. 

If you SUBSCRIBE to the Career Success Program you get access to ALL COURSES for as long as you remain a member. 

In AUSTRALIA, potentially, yes.  Please speak to your accountant for confirmation as this does not constitute financial advice.