Do you feel frustrated in your job? 

Are there communication challenges at work?  

Have you been passed over for promotions?

Do you want to develop your leadership skills? 

Wouldn't it be fantastic to have professional career coaching support available to you every day?

With support, you will become more confident in your career and gain the clarity to make the RIGHT choices in your career. 

Imagine waking up each day, looking forward to the day ahead because you LOVE your work!

Join The Careers Academy Online CAREER GROWTH Program today

You'll have access to live Group Career Coaching Sessions on the second Monday of every month, monthly training webinars, online career support programs and career resources, exercises and templates and much more...!  

Join me, and my professional community, and enjoy valuable accountability support to keep you on track to reach your goals!

What you get as a member:

✔︎  Immediate access to LinkedIn for Career Success Online Program (A$137 for non-members)

✔︎  1x 30-minute One-on-One Coaching Session to focus on your key concerns and set you on the right track (A$319 for non-members)

✔︎  Monthly 'live' Group Career Coaching sessions for coaching, feedback and accountability via Zoom 

✔︎  Monthly Webinars on Career Management, Communications, Leadership, Career Change and more 

✔︎  Your Private Accountability Group to network and stay on track

✔︎  The latest career videos, podcasts and articles from Jane Jackson Careers

✔︎  New career support content uploaded monthly 

✔︎  Member discount on all products and 1-on-1 coaching  

✔︎  On-going career management and career transition support for your career success 

Membership is for 3 months and you can choose to renew or cancel your membership after 3 months. All for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day!  

Why 3 months? Because it takes at least 3 months to develop good habits that will enhance your career.

After 3 months as a member, you can choose to stay and enjoy ongoing support to progress your career, month by month.  

Or you may choose to upgrade to the 12-month CAREER DEVELOPMENT Program for 12-months of support and a wealth of additional career management resources to progress in your career.