Have you always wanted to run your own business but just didn't know where to start?

Do you want to turn your passion into a business but the ‘fear of the unknown’ is holding you back?

Imagine if we could eliminate the uncertainty, and the fear, so that you create a successful business that you love!

What do you need to know?

✅  In our BUILD YOUR BUSINESS BOOTCAMP you'll discover all you need to know! 

✅  We've over twenty years’ experience each, helping people find and follow the passion to create successful and rewarding careers and businesses.

✅  We know exactly how to help you get your head out of the clouds, set your feet firmly on the ground and make your dream business a reality.

✅  You’ll discover —The EXACT STEPS that will help you have clarity about what it takes to start a viable and successful business.

✅  You’ll learn what’s involved and how to take that crucial first step, PLUS the common mistakes most people make when they are just starting out (which prove to be very costly).


We'll guide you to:

✅  Take the practical steps to give you the edge you need to start a business especially if you've no prior business experience.

✅  Unleash your inner entrepreneur - so you stand out in the market, even if there's already competition in your space.

✅  Discover what it's like to be your own boss and in charge of your own decision.

✅  Find out all the self-employment options open to you.

✅  Avoid the pitfalls when starting a business.

This 5-Day Online Bootcamp is for you if:

⭐️  You want CLARITY about WHY you want to start a business and HOW to turn your dreams into a reality.

🧐 You can't imagine working for someone else forever ... and want to know what else is out there for you.

❤️  Love a simple approach in plain English (no mumbo-jumbo is our training sessions!) so you can easily understand business concepts.

How does it work?

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Over the course of 5 days you will be sent one Module per day with all the lessons, training videos, reading material, exercises to complete, templates to follow and checklists to keep you on track to set up your business.

You'll receive 5 Modules with over 20 lessons, bonus training modules, webinars and podcasts.

You will be guided step-by-step through everything you MUST DO to start your own business, and, if you follow the process, and do the work, you'll discover if you are really cut out for self-employment or entrepreneurship.  And, if you really are, you'll have the guidance to do it!

Your success, with our guidance, is in your hands!

"Dreams only work if you do" - John C. Maxwell

 About Your Instructors

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Jane Jackson is a Career Management Coach, Speaker, LinkedIn Marketing, and Personal Branding Trainer.  She is the author of #1 Amazon Bestseller, Navigating Career Crossroads, and host of Your Career Podcast on iTunes 

Ingrid Thompson is a Business Coach, Speaker and Podcast Host.  She is the author of So You Want to Start a Business and host of the So You Want to Start a Business  Podcast

Between them, these two lovely ladies have built successful consulting and coaching businesses, an online jewellery retail business, and have been featured in: