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How to Advance in Your Career

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How to advance in your career. As a career coach, I love to observe people. I watch and learn how many career professionals act, and see what they do, when progressing in their careers. I also watch how they act and react when going through a career transition. 

I’ve noticed that there are some common activities that propel them towards success and I'm sharing these observations with you in this article with the intention of helping you to achieve your goals too. 

  1. They Get Up...

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How to Find a Job

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How to find a job at any age

If you're in your 20's or 30's you may be concerned about how to find a job. Many of my clients have expressed concern about their age when looking for a new role. The ones who worry the most are those who are over 50. I remind them that there are many professionals over 50 landing good jobs!  The process is similar but there is the challenge of mindset as you get older.

My clients ask me, 'What's the formula for success?'

For my mature-age clients I remind...

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